In the world of art I had always heard of Venus: that woman who inspired with her beauty painters, writers and men all over the world. The analysis of different beauty icons from the past until our days such as Bernini’s, The ecstasy of Saint Theresa, and Botticelli’s The birth of the Venus, conducted me to individuals who were similar to this imaginary woman in terms of body, character or dreams. I employed the architectural setting of Fundaciò Vila Casas, designed by architect Jordi Badia, to recreate and envision “Venus” anew, surrounded by a contemporary environment. Venus has not disappeared in time; we just have to look closer.
Obra: Mario Pasqualotto, Frida in plastic bags: “Ahí les dejo mi retrato”, 2009

What relationship do we, human beings, have with our bodies? How does the body relate to the space we inhabit? What does it express about us? The organic nature of the subject and the cadences of its movement provide the visual motif with a photographic intervention that explores the building of the Can Framis Museum. The display, consisting of intimate gazes, reflections on femininity and exercises in deconstructing the body – assimilated into an architectural setting – interact with paintings from the collection.

Collaboration with Olivia Felix