Morning session 9:00 - 14:00

Morning session 9:00 - 14:00 is a piece that represent a city who is really open and happy to be full of people who love to do sports at open air. At the same time is a kind of critiques of how sport could bring people to do so hard things to get to an uncertain point of (uncertain) beauty. Tis poto is a photomontage of more than 500 picture taken during a "morning session" of sport. As you can see by yourself the space is as full as a stadium. This exhibition brings together the different vision to the world of sports. For four months students have been working and researching visually from many points of view. This images have common , individual, collective and cultural stories , views and faces from a contemporary perspective. They offer a heterogeneous set of photographic projects seeking a balance between reality and fiction while questioning the narrative concept of looking: they are images that not only (re)present reality, we also tell it.